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Why Poland? 9 Reasons To Choose Poland As Your Next Home

Is moving to Poland a good idea? We’ll try to convince you why it’s worth living here. Many things about Poland will surprise you in a very positive way!

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1. Poland Is a Great Base To Explore Europe

Poland is located in Central Europe, bordering countries like Germany, Czechia, and Slovakia. For example, there are direct train connections with Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, and Vienna. It’s also easy to get to Austria and even Southern Europe. In about 10 hours, you can reach Italy or Croatia by car.

Do you prefer to travel by plane? We have 15 passenger airports in Poland. The largest is Warsaw’s Chopin Airport, which handled almost 19 million passengers in 2019. The second largest is Kraków Balice, with 8 million passengers, and the third is Katowice Pyrzowice, with 5 million passengers served in 2019. 

Of course, the biggest Polish cities are conveniently connected by rail. From Katowice to Warsaw is just over 2 hours by train, and to Gdańsk and the seaside is around 6 hours.

2. Poland Is Simply Beautiful

Geographically, Poland has everything: mountains, the sea, lakes, rivers, national parks, and even a desert. The sea, Morze Bałtyckie, extends along our Northern border, giving Poland 843 km of coastline! The most popular seaside city is Gdańsk, along with Gdynia and Sopot. 

Our tallest mountain range is called Tatry and the most popular mountain resort is the city of Zakopane. But we also have the Beskidy mountains (you can get there by train from Katowice in less than 2 hours) and the Bieszczady mountains. Masuria is a land of lakes. Well… every region of Poland has something absolutely beautiful to discover.

Nasze najwyższe góry to Tarty wraz z popularnym turystycznie miastem Zakopanem. Ale mamy też nie mniej malownicze Beskidy (z Katowic dojedziesz tu pociągiem w niecałe 2 godziny) czy Bieszczady.  Z kolei Mazury to kraina jezior. Każdy region Polski ma coś pięknego do odkrycia.

You can choose to live in a smaller town or in a big metropolis. Check our previous post about Katowice and Kraków to know more about Polish cities.

3. Working In Poland Pays Off

Poland is a country of business opportunities. Multinational companies are eager to invest here and good jobs are easy to find, especially in large cities. 2021 was a record-breaking year. The inflow of foreign investment to Poland reached almost 25 billion USD, giving Poland 20th place worldwide!

And where to look for work? The fastest-growing industries in Poland are IT, banking, and telecommunications. We’ve already written about potential salaries in the post about working in Poland, but let us give you a little update.

The highest salaries are currently expected for finance directors, an average of 30,000 zł, about 6,500 USD. This is a monthly value, of course. Other high-earning professions in Poland are lawyers, web developers, process engineers, and key account managers. 

Interestingly: salaries in foreign companies operating here are about 35% higher than in Polish companies.

4. Lower Prices, Especially On Services

Comparing the cost of living in Warsaw, the most expensive Polish city, with other European capitals, Warsaw prices are much cheaper. The average cost of renting an apartment is about 40% lower in Warsaw than in Berlin and Paris, and almost three times lower than in London! It’s also way easier to find a nice apartment for rent.

We’ve already talked about prices in posts about the cost of living and eating out. We provided the average cost of renting an apartment, monthly utilities, daily shopping, lunch at a restaurant, or coffee out.

But… the prices of some services are really shocking! You can have a monthly mobile plan including unlimited calls, messages, and internet access for as little as 30 zł / less than 7 USD, and cable TV for 50 zł / 12 USD. The cost of a monthly subscription for unlimited internet at home is similar.

The cost of a single ticket for public transport in our country is about 4 zlotys (less than 1 USD), and a 1 km cab is about 3 zlotys. A ticket to the cinema costs about 30 zlotys.

5. Poland Is A Really Tech-Friendly Place

Has it ever happened to you that you couldn’t buy something because you were out of cash? Or… after landing, you’re in a panic looking to exchange money for local currency? Relax. In Poland, cashless payments are available absolutely everywhere! Even at a local market, in a small grocery store somewhere in the countryside, or when buying a kebab. Contactless payment is easy with your smartphone or watch, with no minimum amount. It’s really convenient.

E-commerce in Poland is really great, so you can order almost anything, even basic household items or food, online. And most importantly: you don’t have to wait for a delivery, because it’s your package that will be waiting for you in a parcel locker near your home, and you have 48h to pick it up. One of the most popular delivery systems is InPost and it’s so widespread that you are sure to have a locker in your neighborhood. That’s simply great!

Another advantage of living in Poland, and especially working remotely, is that the internet is widely available. The coverage is excellent in the entire country, even in small villages, and the connections are stable and really fast. So if you’re thinking of working remotely, Poland will be a perfect choice!

6. The Polish Four Seasons Are Pure Magic

Poland has a moderate climate and we enjoy four seasons here. It’s worth spending at least an entire year here to experience them all and see them with your own eyes.

In spring, literally everything bursts with green and our beautiful forests are stunning. This lush green lasts almost half a year, until our golden autumn, and then everything turns to gold, orange, and red. The views are unbelievable! Spring and autumn are perfect for mountain trips, exploring forests, and in general discovering Poland. Summer is the perfect time to go to the sea or the Masurian lakes. 

Winter will surely delight snow enthusiasts – skiing or snowboarding. Winters in Poland are not as snowy as they were a few decades ago, but snow falls here every year – most often in January and February. Ski resorts of course provide proper conditions all season long.

7. The Truth About Polish Winters

Speaking of weather – is the Polish winter really so harsh? Many people from warmer counties are really afraid of a Polish winter, as they associate it with freezing temperatures. And I’ll tell you winter in Poland is not so bad at all.

Firstly: as I said, it’s not as cold as it used to be decades ago. Christmastime is usually rainy rather than snowy (unfortunately). Secondly: our homes are winter-ready. Our buildings are properly insulated and each apartment has central heating. Even our tenants from Canada were surprised by the coziness of our apartments during winter.

If you’ve ever experienced winter in Southern Europe, in an apartment with no central heating, you’ll be positively pleased. In Poland, winter at home is warm and cozy.

8. Polish Food

Poland is a country of good food, definitely. We eat locally, seasonally, and not as heavy as you may think. Everyday Polish cooking is not just a fried pork chop or bigos. Much more often we have crepes or our famous pierogi. Our typical lunch menu has two courses and the first one is homemade soup.

Polish food is low-processed and it’s easy to get locally-grown products. We still cook at home a lot and we cherish traditional dishes, so it’s easy to find a simple Polish restaurant.

And there’s one more great thing: bread. A classic, traditional loaf of sourdough can be found in many bakeries. Forget about spongy loaves packed in plastic bags. Poland is a country of excellent bread!

9. Are The Polish Stereotypes True?

Well… there are a lot of stereotypes about Poles. Mainly that we’re conservative, intolerant of other cultures, and keep our distance from others. The funniest part is that we, Poles, believe in this more than others.

Our foreign friends and tenants say Polish people are helpful, hospitable, and friendly. We really hear that often. If needed, we can unite and act together. And the best example is this year’s situation in Ukraine and how we helped and hosted Ukrainians here in Poland.

We’re really welcoming and we love to spend time with friends and family.  We celebrate any time we can: anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. There’s no place like Poland to celebrate Christmas.

At first glance, we may seem aloof and reserved, but once we get to know someone better, all distance disappears and you have a great friend in us.

If you’re interested in relocation to Poland issue, take a look at other posts in our guide section and browse our blog. Remember, we’re also on YouTube. Make sure to join our channel and see you in Poland!

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