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Trends In Interior Design 2021

What has changed in our homes and what will change in the coming year? Do we want them trendy or comfy? Here’s our guide to the trends that’ll soon shape our daily reality. See what’s coming in 2021!

In the past months, our homes have been real special agents and fulfilled innumerable functions. It seems that in the new year they’ll still be the center of our small universe. More time spent at home means even more requirements: we want it to be functional and multipurpose as well as beautiful and comfortable. Make yourselves at home and welcome to the New Year.


If you’re not familiar with this word it’s time to catch up. Apparently, it’s written all over 2021.
Before we get to the style, let’s solve the puzzle of this mysterious word: Japandi is a blend of Japan and Scandi, and – as you’ve guessed – it merges the most important trends of these two styles.
Based on Japanese interiors, it’s inspired by timelessness, simplicity, and regard for craft and human touch. The Scandinavian style shares its neutral light colors, natural materials, and cosiness, which puts your mind at peace and harmony.
The Japandi space is intended to calm your nerves, provide a safe refuge, meet any challenge, and make flexible adjustments. After all, it’s the type of home we need the most at the moment.


It’s home selfie time! And not just any selfie, but an open shelf one (and there goes another mysterious name – solved!). This year, we opened our closets and cabinets and displayed the beauties on the shelves to make a private art gallery.
Such “exhibitions” let you rearrange quickly and present whatever you like the most: pictures, books, mirrors, vases, candles, theme decorations – according to your mood and your needs. Interestingly, shelfie makes its way to the kitchen as well where the heavy cabinets are replaced by light shelves, proudly showcasing our tableware and kitchen gadgets along with posters, plants, and favorite knick-knacks.
For inspiration check out Instagram where #shelfie has already received almost 2,5 million hashtags! Get to it, your home deserves its very own shelfie!

nature captured

A year ago we announced trendy nature-inspired colors. A few months ago we took a step further and marveled at earthy colors spreading in our interiors. We’re crazy about filling our vases with dried grass and twigs of all kinds.
Interestingly, the beige, brown, and darkish colors are here to stay in 2021, especially in the form of dried, slightly withered plants. Whether they’ll be simple flowers in a minimalistic vase or bushy full-size arrangements – nature captured in an organic still life is a big YES!

mid-century modern

Netflix fans must have noticed that many popular productions are set in impressive interiors. Boiling with strong colors, filled with patterned wallpaper and heavy textiles, the rooms take their rightful place in films and series.
The style of previous epochs has returned in full blast, with its beautiful furniture and characteristic ornamentation. However, such intense forms, patterns, and colors do require consistency to avoid straying into kitsch. How to arrange that style properly?
First: quality. Furniture and accessories should be made of natural, preferably dark wood, with attention to detail.
Second: space. This abundance needs room, otherwise it can be stifling. 
Three: light. Natural or not, the lighting must build the ambiance, bring out layers, illuminate patterns, and textures. The mid-century style favors dark blue, green, and orange. Add dark wood and brass accessories, and you’ll land right in the “Queen’s Gambit” yourself.

If you’d like to get some more tips on how to introduce this style, check this Redfin article where we also contributed.

neon and LED lights

Lighting is actually the most important element if talking about interior design. One flip of the switch will change the mood. Who doesn’t feel wonderful wrapped in the magic of Christmas lights?
A customized neon light speaks volumes about its owner. It’s like a happy home tattoo. Merry and bright, it conveys your message and personalizes your space. We fell for neon lights long ago and display them outside – let them be enjoyed by the passers-by.
A slightly more economical yet popular solution are LED lights of all shapes and colors. This cosy lighting usually decorates children’s rooms with twinkling stars and animals. Why not have something such as a charming moon over grown-up heads as well?


Pantone knows that the coming year already belongs to yellows and greys. Its calming Ultimate Grey and energizing Illuminate Yellow have been announced as the colors of 2021. We’ve bet on them from the very beginning! Signing the Pantone prognosis with both hands, we encourage you to color your home, yellow or not. The stronger and stranger the color, the more trendy it’ll be. Make it the leading theme of your interior design.

home oasis

More time spent at home gives you more opportunity for your rituals. These could involve a relaxing bath, massage, aromatherapy, meditation – anything you can do to bring tranquillity to the sanctuary of your four walls. Turn your bathroom into a spa and your bedroom into a meditation chamber. All this by means of aromatherapy, natural candles, relaxing music. The final touch will be beautiful textiles: towels, sheets, comfortable clothes. Home sweet home!

cloffice and other hybrids

As you can see the current trends are filled with new, inventive language: Japandi, shelfie, and now cloffice… Our dictionaries seem to have problems catching up with the changing reality.
Speaking of trends: it’s no surprise that double-duty spaces will be especially needed this coming year. The reality of recent months has shown that different areas in our apartments are not only fluid but also expand their customary functions and become hybrids. One of them will be cloffice (closet + office) – the trend to organize your home office in the closet.
We are curious to see what other linguistic surprises (portmanteaus) will come this year.

simply you

Fashions come and go. Some trends catch on and appear everywhere, others never leave magazines and articles. As the saying goes: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so choose what you like the most. With all the time spent at home, let it be simply yours. Inspired yet not controlled by trends.

Comfy New Year!

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