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The Most Important Interior Design Trends of 2020

The new year is a perfect opportunity for lifestyle changes and let’s include interior design with that. Do you need inspiration to plan a small redecoration or do you simply like to keep current? Here is a short guide to the most interesting trends of 2020.

We like to closely follow changes in fashion. After all, the final look of the space we design is equally important as its comfort and functionality. Nonetheless, in the avalanche of trends and influx of novelties, we try to find those that match our apartments and our lifestyle. We’ve reviewed this year’s trends for you and ranked our TOP 10.

1. Sustainability

Sustainability has recently been named the most popular global trend. It’d be hard to call it a passing fashion – interest in environmental issues is no longer a whim and has become well-rooted in our lives. Little wonder that it’s also reached the realm of interiors. Using natural materials, buying furniture and accessories from local suppliers and from reputable sources, refinishing, repurposing, and buying second hand, are the keys to successful sustainability in interior design.

The main goal of sustainability is to protect the environment, and it resonates louder and stronger than ever. Whoever used to avoid this topic and convince themself that it was other people’s problem, simply must face it now. And this is great, because sustainability brings endless opportunities to show off your interior design talent and equally great satisfaction!

2. Biophilia

Another trendy word which might sound mysterious, but it’s very intuitive. It’s (obviously) all about our becoming closer to nature. Regarding interior design, biophilia means being surrounded by plants and the more the better.

The beneficial effects plants have on our health and wellbeing have been proven by scientists, so it’s not worth disputing facts. Instead, let’s head to the garden, forest or florist’s, so we can add some green. Whether it’s popular succulents or terrariums – the choice is so vast that everyone can find something for sure. Lacking a green thumb is no longer an excuse either. There are a lot of plants resistant to our forgetfulness and general plant clumsiness (here you can find some of our green recommendations).

3. A Second Chance

The next eco-trend which perfectly matches the idea of sustainability as well as the popular “DIY” trend is giving furniture a second chance. Refinishing an old piece of furniture, finding things at flea markets or buying at auctions – it’s not only saving money and being eco, but also a very fashionable approach!

Second-hand furniture often have timeless designs and their own unique history. Many times, they had been produced with care from good quality materials. We like them, we hunt for them, and we’re happy to place such pieces in our interiors.

4. Colors of Nature

Basic white and Scandinavian grays are timeless and will always have their admirers. However, this season takes a step towards nature and introduces earth tones to our interiors. It can be shades of beige on the walls and warm browns rule the wooden floors and countertops.

Dark walls are still in fashion – instead of black, they should be painted a deep bottle green, which is peaceful and calming. Having tried it in our interiors, we can confirm: it makes our minds wander among the forest.

5. (Almost Like) Marble

Natural materials – just like bright colors – enjoy everlasting popularity. The textures and colors of marble, quartz, and granite have many devotees. Yet, the price of natural stone frequently dampens the spirit of potential buyers.

Do you know this dilemma all too well? Then bet on composites! They’re produced from natural chippings and make for a cheaper (and more durable) alternative to the real thing. Moreover, scraps from production are recycled and put to good use. And so we become more eco-friendly once again!

6. Maxi Option

Are you for a big break from the Scandinavian simplicity? Then this year you can go wild as maximalism enters the living room. Richly ornamented ceilings, molding on the walls, rich paintings, and gold accents – it is all hot now.

If you’re not convinced by the Baroque splendor, start with a few small features. A decorative mirror frame, a colorful carpet, a large lamp are all changeable elements and easy to configure. Additionally, a small space needs only one element and the entire effect will be achieved. Be brave!

7. Fabrics and Patterns

Linen, wool, cotton – natural materials are always a big yes, but this season they come in strong colors and a variety of patterns. Embossed cushions, velvet sofa covers, a decorative bed throw in your favorite shade, all will bring an instant change at almost no cost.
To the brave, we recommend richly decorated wallpaper with a floral or animal motifs. They’re the absolute hit of the season.

8. Bicolored

We must admit, plain white kitchen cabinets are the simplest, almost the safest solution. And things can happen in the kitchen as well!
This season open shelves give way to fully fronted cabinets, bravely divided between two colors. Black bottoms and white tops are classic of course. Go wild with the color of the bottom cabinets. Green, turquoise, blue? The choice is yours.

9. Lighting

Lamps have long been the underappreciated element of interiors, humbly devoted to functionality. With the popularity of the industrial style, they shyly left their hiding places, assuming visible, simple metal forms.
Here (finally) comes the time of the lamp! More and more boldly, we reach for fancy, richly decorated lighting and also play with light itself. In colors of gold, copper or brass, plus the bulbs in stylish sockets – this is what should be hanging over our heads these days.

10. Multi-functional Space

Finally, something we like a lot – multi-functionality.
Modern spaces should be multi-use. We’ve given up on the lifeless rooms used “on special occasions” and focus on what’s really needed.

The trend of opening the living room and combining it with the kitchen has been around for a good several years. Now, however, we combine the bedroom with the home office as well. Thanks to smart organization, a modern open space is no longer chaos. The maximum use of your space which – even when it’s small – can be very cozy and equally functional
(we can confirm this).

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