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What Is Corporate Housing?

In this article, you’ll get to know what is corporate housing, what is the difference between corporate housing and other rental options, and who may need this type of rental solution. Maybe it will be a good option for you too?

Corporate Housing, Explained

Corporate housing is, in other words, accommodation for business. Thus, it’s a form of housing for business travelers. Other common terms for corporate housing are corporate apartments, serviced apartments, or business housing. Each of these means the same thing, but it’s also worth remembering that the offer and standard of such housing can slightly vary.

What is common is that corporate rental is a unique form of rental, which is characterized by flexibility, high comfort, and full equipment. Corporate apartments include everything necessary to live comfortably for several weeks or months of an employee’s stay in the new location. All that such an employee has to take care of on their own are personal belongings and food.

What is important, serviced apartments are fully managed by the owners or property managers, who take care of the apartment and the tenants. In such cases, the tenant-employee can count not only on a smooth and hassle-free rental but also on additional support during their stay in a brand-new place.

Who Is Corporate Housing For?

The word “corporate” is not a coincidence here, as this type of solution is most often chosen by large companies that relocate their employees between branches or send them on business trips. By offering verified accommodation of a high standard, the relocating company ensures the best possible experience of its employee’s stay at the destination. The most popular sectors offering serviced apartments are consulting, new technologies, automotive, financial industry, and outsourcing companies.

But does corporate housing only apply to huge multinational companies? Not. The corporate housing service is also used by smaller companies, which are very keen to make the stressful process of relocating to a new city (and often a completely new country) as hassle-free as possible, and the rental itself comfortable.

This type of solution can also be used by the employees themselves who are relocated for several weeks, sent to another branch for several months, or those relocating permanently who do not want to deal with the property search and related formalities. The employee – having a budget for accommodation– can himself take up contact with a company offering serviced apartments.

Serviced Apartment As An Alternative To Hotel

Employees relocated to another city or country are most often accommodated in a hotel. This is, of course, the most common solution for short business trips of several days, but a longer stay in a hotel can be inconvenient for the employee. 

Above all, a hotel lacks that cozy home feeling. If a hotel room is limited to a bed and bathroom, it also lacks the space to relax after work and simply enjoy everyday rituals. The frequent turnover of hotel guests also means that an employee can’t make neighborly friends or feel comfortable meeting familiar faces in the hallway.

In a hotel, it’s impossible to prepare dinner or any meal for yourself, and very often not even to store some basic food. There is also no washing machine or place to dry laundry. A high-class hotel will offer a laundry service, but for longer stays it will be quite a hassle to regularly order laundry service for your underwear.

The cost of accommodation is also an important consideration, especially for the company. For longer stays, hotel rates are much higher than serviced apartment rentals. For the company, this is a major cost to bear with each relocated employee.

Corporate Housing Standard

Corporate apartments, although the term itself does not sound cozy, should provide a sense of comfort, security, and freedom. Regardless of the length of stay, it is primarily intended to be the employee’s home for the entire relocation period.

A serviced apartment is usually a studio or a 1-bedroom apartment. If the employee is relocating with their family, then they’ll probably need an extra room(s) for the child/children. The living area is most often divided into a lounge area, a dining area where the tenant will be able to eat comfortably or receive guests, and a fully equipped kitchen where they can cook just like home.

The standard of serviced apartment usually includes: 

  • household appliances, including oven, stove, refrigerator with freezer, dishwasher, kettle, coffee maker, microwave
  • pots and pans, cutlery, glassware, and dishes 
  • private bathroom with shower or bathtub, as well as washing machine and laundry dryer
  • smart TV, high-speed Wi-Fi, and private internet network
  • comfortable desk and chair for remote work
  • bed linens and towels
  • basic cleaning accessories

At the tenant’s request, standard equipment options can often also be upgraded with additional equipment and accessories.

Serviced Apartment Is A Lot More Than Just A Property

What else makes serviced apartments so convenient? Foremost, service and care for the tenant and the whole package of additional services that are included in the rental price. If your company’s main argument for a hotel so far has been convenience, it’s time to look around for a good corporate housing service in your city.

Corporate accommodation offers often include regular cleaning, rearrangement of the apartment, or tailoring the apartment to the tenant’s preferences. The new tenant can enjoy the privacy of his or her new home without worrying about being left alone with issues or possible damages (as is often the case of standard long-term rentals).

Companies providing a corporate housing service also arrange airport transfers, and help with moving and luggage handling. Dedicated customer service is at the tenant’s disposal 24 hours a day, dispelling all doubts about handling the apartment or simply living in the new place. 

An experienced and dedicated customer manager staff can even help with the formalities of arriving in a new country or recommend the best places in the area. It’s a priceless support when just starting in a new place.

Home Away From Home

Business relocations, especially those at the company’s initiative, are never an easy stage for the employee. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to take care of the employee’s comfort and make them feel “at home”. Corporate housing seems to be the closest to this goal: it’s as comfortable as a hotel but much cheaper. It’s also a much more flexible choice than classic rentals. 

The great benefit for companies is that, apart from just contacting the serviced apartment brand, they don’t have to do anything else. All the formalities and the introduction and care of the tenant will already be taken care of by the customer service. A good and committed customer manager may even become the first friend in the new neighborhood 🙂

Corporate Apartments In Katowice

The trend of corporate housing is also reaching Poland and the cities with the biggest business potential. Companies with offices in Katowice, Poland may already be thinking about how to improve the motivation of relocated employees and increase their satisfaction with their stay in the city. Perhaps flexible rental and serviced apartments will be a good solution?

If you’re looking for housing for yourself or your employee in Katowice, you’re in the right place. Check out Wellcome Home’s range of serviced apartments and contact our customer care to know all the perks of corporate housing.

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