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Takeaway and Food Delivery Places in Katowice

Are your favorite restaurants, bistros, cafes open or not? Do they only sell take away or maybe they also deliver? Can you order via an app or do you have to make a call? There’ve been many questions recently, we know. That’s why we came up with a list of our favorite places in Katowice that are still selling what they do best. Hungry? Here we go!

The entire restaurant industry is going through really tough times. The pandemic restrictions don’t allow us to visit our favorite restaurants and cafes, to gather, or even to have a sip of warm coffee inside. But the local businesses are doing what they can: they prepare extra food delicacies, they wrap their orders in lovely food boxes, they travel the city to deliver even on Sundays, and, recently, they’re working hard on new Christmas menus.
Now it’s time for us! Show your commitment and order something from them. It’ll be a wonderful feast you can organize from home.
Enjoy your meal (and your reading first)!

Asian & Middle Easteren

Taj Katowice

Authentic Thai cuisine prepared by native chefs. Between 12 and 4 pm you’ll pay 33 PLN for a two-course vegan or classic meal and the lunch menu is changed each day.

Amfora Restaurant

Amfora’s cuisine is a Middle Eastern mix with roots reaching from The Caucasus to Israel. Aromatic dishes, unconventional lunch combos, and of course amazing cocktails. 

Hurry Curry

Hurry Curry does not serve the cuisine of one country, but dishes whose recipes come from various picturesque corners of Asia. A warming Singaporean soup, legendary Chicken Tikka Masala from India, fish curry from Sri Lanka, or delicious Lamb Kofta from Kashmir are just the tip of the colorful menu of this Katowice restaurant.

Masala House

A real taste of Indian cuisine. Masala House is the quintessence of culinary passion and the best example proving that nobody cooks oriental dishes like the man who has been exposed to them in his home country since birth.

Little Hanoi and more

Little Hanoi and more is a Vietnamese restaurant where the high quality of the original dishes has never become out-of-date. The menu of the restaurant is a great opportunity not only to get to know Vietnamese flavors but also to revisit them more than once.

Sakura Sushi Bar

One of the best sushi restaurants in Poland. The sushi masters have taken part in world sushi championships.

Oh My Ramen!

Real japanese ramen in the heart of Katowice.

American & Mexican


Homemade burgers with the best buns you can find and meat from local suppliers. Try out their seasonal burgers and you’ll always go back.


Great burgers in many different versions, including vegetarian options. Also, other delicacies – such as pizzas and sandwiches.

Mad Mick

When it opened 10 years ago Mad Mick was one of the first burger places in Silesia. Now it’s a must visit place for burger lovers to eat at in Katowice.

Bobby Burger Katowice

It all started with a food truck and now they have 43 locations. Check out their Facebook page to catch the best deals.

Zdrowa Krowa

Homemade burgers, steaks, salads, and breakfast. 4 different locations in Katowice. and nearby

Grillpoint – best grill’n’burger restaurant

Burgers, steaks, breakfasts, and other all-american delicacies. Delivery until midnight. This Christmas the place bets on traditional menu.

Biała Małpa

Their menu includes typically Mexican tacos, empanadas, nachos, burritos, quesadillas. They also have over 20 types of beer on tap plus a well-stocked fridge.


Browar Przystań

This place started back in the 1950s.Today, the place has gained a new lease on life – there’s a restaurant with an open kitchen and its own brewery.

Moodro bistro&cafe

A modern approach to polish cuisine with a great deal of attention to details. Try out their lunch option – 2 dishes for 35 PLN. 

Italian & Mediterranean

Len Arte

A legendary pizza place with almost a 10 years tradition. A must when searching for authentic Italian food.

Souvlaki Bar

The owners of Len Arte also have a Greek restaurant – Souvlaki. Try out their pitas and authentic Greek mezze.

Pizza z Pieca

At its heart is a beechwood oven and a clean-cut menu focussed on pizza itself. With good-quality original ingredients and several beers and wines, this Italian puzzle makes recipe for a successful eatery.

Vera Napoli

A Neapolitan pizza place with pizza a bit different from what we’ve just learned about. A soft crust, much more puffed at the edges, moister toppings – pizza napoletana in the flesh.

La Squadra Ristorante

The best Italia has to offer, served by chef Edoardo Mallozzi. All-time classics and weekly menus. Freshly prepared pasta + soup for 45 PLN. Follow their Facebook for more info and delicious photos.


Diversified menu and classic combinations. Just like Italians do!

La Vineria

Italian-inspired menu à la carte and oven-baked authentic pizza. The place also serves the highest quality Italian cheese, cured meat, and other homemade delicacies. They already have a special Christmas menu available.

C’est si bon

The restaurant serves French cuisine. Far from the city rush, you’ll find a piece of sunny Provence. In the two-floor building, you can find both a coffee shop and a restaurant.

Vegetarian & Vegan


Vegan burgers in Katowice so all the animals can rest easy. Offering homemade buns and sauces.

Złoty Osioł

Whoever has been living or studying in Katowice for the last few years must be familiar with Złoty Osioł (The Golden Donkey). Included on the vegan and vegetarian menu of the restaurant (on top of oriental dishes, e.g. the Indian tart with tomato salsa) are dishes from various corners of the world.


It’s a cafe serving coffee brewed in many different ways with both vegan and non-vegan cakes.  You can also find plant based dishes on the menu.

Dobra Karma

Well-balanced vegetarian dishes that will comfort both your tummy and soul.

Coffee, bakery & sweets

Cafe Byfyj

A traditional place with a soul where you can have real Silesian yeast cake with sweet crumble or a fresh pastry, and drink your tea gazing over the Nikiszowiec market square. The daily delivery of fresh bread is tended to by Byfyj’s owners, the well-known Katowice Michalski Bakery.

Synergia.dobre miejsce

Synergia is a good place for coffee enthusiasts in pursuit of alternative brewing methods, besides the classic Italian. All-day breakfast and a great lunch which changes daily.


What’s on the menu? Omelets, muesli, pancakes, burritos, and the very reason we have brought you here, the bagel sandwiches. Nowadays, you can buy a great box full of sweets, or buy a brownie with raspberry sauce.

LOKAL Bakery

It all starts with the bread. Decent sourdough bread with a well-baked, almost caramelized crust, will be truly delightful.  If, by any chance, there’s the last pastrami croissant on the counter, grab it for lunch.

3 Siostry bajgiel i kawa

Homemade bagels, great coffee, and irresistible desserts. And if you’re in a group you can buy a selection of sweets to share!

  • Takeaway and delivery via Wolt app
  • Christmas menu also available

Other food gems

Krystynka wraca z Wiednia

Great food and reasonable prices, everybody can find something to eat and drink. A special Christmas offer is also available.

Okiem i Brzuchem

Soups of many different varieties with the menu changing daily. You can also buy their dishes in a jar and warm it whenever you want. A special Christmas offer is also available.

Kolorowo bistro

Kolorowo bets on breakfasts sitting on the menu in four thematic pages. You’ll find something for the fans of salty and sweet options, bagels, and handheld sandwiches, with green breakfasts as well.


Famous “zapiekanki”, also known as Polish pizza (or maybe even better?); many different toppings, including vegan options. A great idea for a busy day!


Top-notch Polish and international kitchen and lunch menu for only 31 zł. Recently, the place has launched its own DELIFOOD section and has announced a takeaway Christmas offer. If you don’t feel like preparing pierogi at home, leave it on them!

Do you know any other places we forgot to mention? Let us know so we can spread this information. Have a great and tasty December!

City of Gardens

Artistic flower shop and cozy café in one place? Yes, we’ve got such a place in the city center. Everything you need to soothe your body and soul.

  • Potted plants and flower bouquets + coffee and sweets
  • Find them at Sokolska 14
  • For urgent cases (anniversaries, birthdays) call at 504 234 674
  • For updates check their Facebook site

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