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Get Your Place Ready for Spring

Giving your apartment a spring look is very pleasant: it requires no special skills or a big budget. All you need is a few accessories, spring flowers, herbs in the kitchen. The rest will be done with color and light!
See how we’ve made our apartments “spring ready”.

The home has probably never enjoyed so much attention as now. After weeks spent inside our four walls, we know every detail of the interior and we need changes. As spring is perfect for that, it’s worth breathing some fresh air into the good old arrangement.
Here are some ideas directly from our interiors:

Let the Light In!

After months of darkness, enjoy opening the windows for spring. Open the dark drapes and get rid of heavy sheers. Let the light flow into the interior from dawn to dusk.

If your apartment isn’t very sunny, bet on mirrors. Hang them opposite a window to catch every little sunray. Another advantage of a mirror is that it multiplies whatever you put in front of it. Even the smallest plant will look bushy and lush.

Play the Green Game

We are crazy about them. We’ve already encouraged you to get plants in this post, praising their air-filtering properties. Put the pots in any free place on a worktop or a windowsill.
Make sure you know which species are shade-loving and will thrive in a minimum of light. You can put them even in a dimly-lit bathroom.

Be Sweet on… Herbs

Another place asking for more spring color is the kitchen. A worktop or a windowsill can be garnished with a line of herbs and even potted lettuce – it’ll be a beautiful decoration before being eaten.

And how about growing your own? The micro-leaves seeds require neither much space nor special skills. You can plant them in a small pot or a cup. They’re easy on the eye and will make a healthy spring sandwich.

Give Yourself Flowers

Flowers without an occasion? Celebrating spring is enough to spoil yourself with a gift. Our favorite varieties for this season are daffodils and tulips, which can be picked up during a quick shopping trip. Divide one bunch between a few vases (or simple glass bottles) and put them all over your place.

The flowers ideal for a window pot are primroses, muscari flowers, and hyacinths – these are best bought when budding. As they bloom, they’ll spread their fragrance across the apartment.

Additional Stimulants

Relax, we don’t mean any illegal substances. All we need to be stimulated into action is a proper dose of color.
Even a single accent of the energetic sunny yellow can diametrically change the entire interior. It’ll brighten up an otherwise dull characterless interior while the contrast with a dark color on the wall or piece of furniture makes it so much more intense.
Our biggest allies for a quick change of arrangement are blankets, throws, and cushions of course.

Nature On The Wall

What if the view from your window never changes and fails to announce spring? Find your perfect landscape and hang it on your wall.
A deeply green forest, turquoise ocean, sun over the horizon – you decide what your “window” presents.

Large-format drawings and photos can be easily found in on-line shops along with appropriate frames. Each of our apartments has an interesting poster or picture to attract the eye.

Lay The Table

It’s not only our diet that becomes lighter in spring. The metamorphosis refers to the table itself. Let it boast the above-mentioned flowers, herbs, and the first green vegetables.
But, don’t forget the tableware. Choose a leaf-shaped fruit bowl or ceramic pieces matching the theme of spring. A brightly colored mug or cup will enhance a common coffee table as well.

Celebrate The Celebrations

Although we like minimalism we have a soft spot for unconventional gadgets. Even the typical Easter bunny or hen figurines can look stylish. All you need is moderation.

If you’re just a bit handy go for DIY decorations. Find inspiration and arrange a natural wreath. Garnish Easter decorations with greenery, flowers or herbs. The most beautiful ideas come from nature

Paint Your World…

…green and blue. If you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, change… the color on your walls! Green or sky blue will invigorate and soothe, and breathe some fresh air into a room.
Relax, no need to repaint the whole apartment at once. Choose a spot that won’t require much reorganizing or moving a wardrobe.

A small accent will be enough to change the appearance of the entire interior. Look how unconventionally we’ve approached the color on the walls of these bedrooms.

Find different inspirations and make your choice.
And when we are finally ready to take our energy out on our homes, march straight for a roller and a can of paint!

If you are looking for other interior design tips and inspirations, visit us here.

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