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Interiors in Style part II – Eclectic, Boho, and Glamour Style

We can talk for hours about interior design styles. Hence, another article in which we look at the most exciting directions and follow the trail of inspiring places. This time we focus on the connections: not blatant, colourful and sometimes very bold. Check out three interior styles that will awaken your passion for combining interesting elements: eclectic style, boho, and glamour. Long live bright connections!

Today, broadly understood applied art is often called a hybrid, a mix, or a remix. It sounds like a mantra: everything was here before, and we can’t reinvent the wheel. It turns out that the cure for boredom and an effective way to create something fresh are combinations of styles, colors, structures, and materials. We observe the phenomenon in various areas of art: in fashion, design, as well as in interior architecture. Combining even seemingly mismatched elements is a great way to emphasize the uniqueness of a place that the owner is not afraid to express. The three interior styles we are going to write about today are high in the era of the remix. And although each of them has different roots, they all enjoy unflagging interest.

Eclectic style

Anyone who has ever arranged a flat from scratch knows that the final vision rarely reflects only one style. When planning a space arrangement, we are looking for inspiration. We watch hundreds of catalogs and implementations. We check the store offers and comb the best examples in search of the dream climate. Effect? Our interior is often a selection of favorite elements, furniture, objects and colors with which we feel good. And nothing terrible about it, because eclecticism is just about skillfully combining styles.

Eclecticism is a fairly broad concept that comes from art and architecture, and its guiding principle is to combine various elements, styles, eras and artistic directions. The eclectic style places almost no formal restrictions on the creators. However, attention, following this lead, quickly falls into the trap of mismatches. Eclecticism, due to the great freedom in the selection of elements, also requires an extremely aesthetic sense. If anyone thinks of it as interior anarchy, they are wrong. The mismatch in eclectic interiors is always only apparent. From the furniture, colors, structures or materials accidentally combined, a completely original, but well-thought-out arrangement should emerge.

The eclectic style is about combining styles, colors, and textures.

Who should choose this style?

First of all, for exceptionally creative people who have a sense of combining seemingly mismatched elements. They can combine a stylish and elegant sideboard with an almost futuristic mirror, and use intense colors in the background. Eclecticism is for those who are close to artistic disorder, like to combine distant textures, patterns, and colors. If you are masters of ordering chaos – eclecticism can become your weapon in the fight for the dream interior. It is an original style for those looking for equally innovative solutions.

How can it be achieved?

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match. If you see sense in the combination of items from entirely different worlds, and also, you can easily find a place for them in your new salon – go with the flow.
  • Choose items that are important to you (e.g. souvenirs, antique furniture, critical artistic works). They will be the heart of your arrangement.
  • Check which colors dominate the necessary elements of the interior and choose accessories and additions in matching colors to them. Colour dialogue can work wonders even when combining very distant styles or textures.
  • Dare to contrast. Tradition and modernity. Pastel and intense colors. Mat and flash. Let your imagination go. 

The eclectic interior creates a coherent space.

Where can you find inspiration?

If we write that eclectic style is everywhere, we will not overdo it. You will find eclectic inspiration in many places, even if you haven’t noticed it before. In Silesia, there are plenty of arrangements that are a great showcase of the eclectic style and delight with original solutions. In Katowice, check a few pubs, and visit places such as Upojeni or Mały Kredens.


It’s a style that dates back to the 1960s. And we are talking about the time of the hippie flower power movement, which used the full palette of colors and patchwork, but above all gave unprecedented creative freedom. Today’s shape of the boho style is mostly a tribute to the colorful era of flower kids and a way to break the routine. Its hallmarks are furniture and accessories in the form of the 60s, and interiors filled with colorful mosaics, ethnic patterns, and sometimes even folk motifs. Everything under the mantle of artistic nonchalance. After all, the name boho comes from the artistic bohemia.

In the boho style, colorful flowers effortlessly combine with geometric forms, and folk patterns sometimes create a slightly psychedelic dream. These seemingly incompatible styles can be arranged in a remarkably coherent –and thus –also extremely eye-friendly arrangement. A flat or a modern boho style office is a flick of a nose, as well as a cozy and eye-catching place.

Boho style allows you to create unique arrangements freely.

Who should choose this style?

Boho is an excellent proposition for brave people looking for original solutions in their interiors. If you want to create a comfortable corner for yourself with a unique atmosphere, and you have had enough routine, subdued colors or perfectly matching items – go for boho. It is an excellent patent to emphasize the individual character of the creator. Someone who loves boho has an artistic soul and is not afraid of original connections. That’s for sure.

How can it be achieved? 

  • Choose an intense color. Let your interiors have strong accents: a fuchsia sofa, yellow armchair or turquoise curtains perfectly fit into the colorful boho style.
  • Bet on patchwork in any form: image, artistic wallpaper or pillowcases created from scraps of various materials.
  • Don’t be afraid of original connections if you are wondering if the geometric 60s-style sideboard will match the kilim with ethnic patterns – break it down. It makes sense.
  • Find the right place for travel photos, unusual items, and souvenirs. In the boho style, even the most surprising thing can gain a significant role in the interior.
  • Give the interior a cozy atmosphere. Think of scented candles or small lamps that decorate a window, wall or pieces of furniture.

Where can you find inspiration?

The boho style has been enjoying a great interest in interior and design lovers for several years. In Silesia, you can find many places that derive full boho style. To a large extent, these are pubs that create an atmosphere of artistic nonchalance, surprising with colors and unusual combinations. One example of the boho style inspiration is the bold interiors of Złoty Osioł. Lunch tastes excellent in such a colorful atmosphere.


Chic and luminous interiors – that’s how you can define glamour style. It is worth knowing because even if it does not fully meet your tastes, it is currently one of the hottest interior design trends. Arrangements in glamour style tempt with extraordinary elegance, but also with an almost magical glow. The glamour style draws inspiration from the Baroque era, but it is also firmly rooted in modernity. Glamour hallmarks are appeal, decoration and extraordinary arrangement courage.

Glamour style loves gold, silver, elegant black, as well as a rich palette of pink and purple. Remember that the excess of intense colors can be overwhelming. Break the fierce black, silver or fuchsia with muted tones of blue, green or delicate beige. Glamour is also a high gloss. Large, shiny tables, glass surfaces, and accessories flashing in the light give the interior tinsel. Even crystal chandeliers, gilded dishes or richly decorated door handles, if used in moderation, can beautifully decorate space. It is worth remembering that if there are too many strong accents in the room, the effect can be associated with kitsch, not a luxury. Therefore, prudence is advisable.

Glamour interiors captivate with beautiful details.

Who should choose this style?

Glamour is a perfect choice for people who want to feel a breath of luxury and refinement in their interiors. This particular style is an excellent option for those who can sensitively combine the style of past years with modernity. Combine beautiful, decorated furniture with simple forms of electronic equipment. Stylized accessories (such as chandeliers) often have a modern twist (they are, for example, black). Whoever catches these subtle elements and has a sense of combining distant objects will be celebrated in glamour style.

How can it be achieved? 

  • Dare to make powerful color combinations. Glamour loves the most elegant shades of pink, purple and black, which breaks the glow of gold or silver.
  • Look for furniture and accessories styled for past ages. Baroque with its elegance, decorations and splendor is the key here. A beautiful sideboard, chaise longue on fancy legs or a large, shiny table are glamour style choices.
  • Bet on beautiful mirrors. In the glamour style, the mirror has its unique place and, what’s important, you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. You can choose several mirrors, preferably in beautiful, decorated frames in black, gold or silver.
  • Choose eye-catching additions. Glamour loves to shine, so choose shiny vases, decorated furniture handles or gently shimmering fabrics.

Glamour style is above all shine and bold color accents.

Where can you find inspiration?

Glamour style is not only beautiful interiors of spacious houses. The arrangement made with taste works well also in apartments (especially those located in historic tenements with high ceilings look gorgeous), but also in office spaces or luxury service salons. It is hardly surprising. The beautifully decorated interior glamour brings associations with luxury.

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