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How to Organize a Home Office

You don’t need a private studio to work comfortably at home. No matter how much space you have, you can find a convenient niche and arrange a home office to make your work not only more effective but more pleasant as well!

A home office is not as unique as it used to be. These days employees are frequently offered the possibility to work remotely, which they’re happy to accept. Obviously, to sit in front of a computer in your pj’s, with your favorite mug in hand, sounds very appealing. However, anyone who has worked from home knows that lying in your bed with a laptop isn’t good in the long run. If you want to be really efficient, you must abandon the bed and sit at a desk. Fortunately, a comfy home office can be organized anywhere, even in a small apartment. How? Here are some tips.

Carve Out a Separate Space

An individual, work-only desk is a must-have. You can spread out your notes and find a place for all your work tools (tablets, laptops, etc.). A dining table, even a big one, should not moonlight as your office. You know all too well that a meal will end in you staring at the monitor and getting crumbs all over the keyboard. That’s no way to eat or work!

For mental balance it’s crucial to separate, physically and mentally, particular areas of an apartment, especially, when you often work remotely and spend most of your day in one room.
A small desk can be set up in a bedroom, placed between a wardrobe and a sofa, or aligned next to other furniture. There’re many arrangement options.

Enjoy the View

Do you like the look of your traditional wall calendar? Do you hang check-lists, motivational post-its, or inspiring mood boards over your desk? Then set your desk against the wall and hang a convenient pinboard. Or, paint the wall with chalkboard paint so you can note down all the important things.

If you enjoy seeing daylight at work, set your desk in front of the window. However, it’s not a good idea to put it too close to the windowsill – if it’s busy outside, the view might be an unnecessary distraction.

Consider Ergonomics

The first question you must answer before you choose a desk is how much room you need for all your work-related items. Is a compact laptop and a mobile phone all you need? Or do you need a large workspace to put your notebooks, magazines, and piles of paper?

Additionally, if your desk is sometimes used by someone else, consider a desk with an adjustable height.
What you sit on is equally important. Long hours spent in an uncomfortable chair will begin to hit you. Consider a chair with an adjustable height, profiled backrest, and best of all, one with armrests. You back will appreciate it!

Make Room for Storage

If you have a soft spot for stationery, then choose a desk with drawers. They’ll help keep you organized with your pens, post-its, and other small items at hand.
If you often reach for books, magazines, or other printed materials, then choose a desk with an integrated bookcase or hang bookshelves directly over your desk.

When large enough, a worktop can provide much-needed storage space underneath. Put things in boxes, baskets, or convenient mobile shelves on wheels.

Bet on Modern Solutions

And it’s not about surrounding yourself with a great deal of unnecessary equipment. Far from it – go for minimalism. Modern technological solutions will help you keep things organized and facilitate your work.
It’s more convenient to have wireless devices which you can keep away from the computer without the hassle of cables.

Bluetooth speaker, a Wi-Fi enabled printer, an induction phone charger – especially when you’re on the phone a lot, simplify life.
Have your neighbors hit the renovation note, go for noise-canceling headphones which can well be used in a bustling office too.

Turn On the Light

It got dark hours ago and you haven’t even noticed? Staring at the monitor, it’s easy to forget about an additional light source. Inadequate workplace lighting causes tiredness and vision problems. A desk lamp with an adjustable height and angle of light can be the best option.

Besides its health and functional aspect, dedicated lighting will also provide a sense of separation between the workspace and home area. It’s especially important in small apartments where one room serves as several zones and has many functions.

Personalize Your Surroundings

Working remotely, you’ll spend most of your day in this workspace. Make the space around you as pleasant to the eye as the rest of your place. Add your favorite color to the wall (or board), place holiday photos insight and include some potted plants or a bookcase. Whatever makes you happy and motivated, but not distracted.
If music helps you focus, listen to your favorite playlist. Add a subtle fragrance. Your good mood depends on many factors.

Tidy up!

Tidy up, a simple rule we all seem to know, but tend to ignore more often than not, especially if you work in a home office.
You work late, your desk collects coffee mugs, outdated notes, piles of books. Your feet get stuck in tangles of cables below. Stop! In the mess, your thoughts are a mess too.

Make it a habit to straighten up after you finish working. If you can see the rest of your apartment, and if it needs it, sweep, do the dishes, or make your bed. Sweat pants or no sweat pants – your workspace deserves respect.

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