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Coming trends for 2019

The New Year means also new interior design trends. Pastel colors, bold combinations and maximalism are the hits of the coming season. It is time for interior changes.

Pastel colours with some marker

Priority is still given to colours which will appear in their pastel version now, being a perfect base for strong markers and dark hues. Light lilac, willow green, light yellow or dusty and whitish light blue are the most fashionable colour trends this year. The colour of 2019 is the caramel spiced honey, beige, orange with apricot, peach and brown (mostly white coffee or chocolate). And those are the colours which will be present in our flats.

Large and abundant — It is time for maximalism

The era of cool minimalism is followed by the time for maximalism. This year’s trends will be dominated by bold and distinct combinations of textures, colours and patterns. The flowery patterns and dark hues which started to appear here and there in the previous season will play a key role in the decorations and main motifs. The combination of dark and pastel colours will predominate over last year’s fluorescent markers.

Back to the past

We are going round in a circle to make the ovals our favourite yet again. This season, the angular furniture is replaced by the rounded ones, inspired by 1970s. The interiors will be filled with rounded armchairs and chairs, round tables and cylinder-shaped coffee tables. Another change will be the thin, metal legs giving way to the massive brass or gold-plated ones. An alternative will be furniture in heavy shapes of a cube or cylinder.

Exceptional formats and unique shapes

The sphere of decorations will be dominated by the apparently mismatched materials. Various decorations will be trendy, though in limited amounts. A brass candle holder, a stone table, some linen cushions and a paper lamp are enough to make the whole arrangement look trendy and smart. Stone will be one of the dominant materials in interiors besides terazzo, breaking the stereotype of tastelessness and datedness.

The last year’s queen, the grey, is becoming outdated. We abandon also the omnipresent white, so loved by everyone. No more minimalism and coldness! There will be no wall hangings, macrames succulents as well as golden rose or copper-coloured components.

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