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Summer spots by the water: beaches, swimming spots, water sports

No matter how you like to spend your summer – in a lazy or very active way – you’ll surely enjoy the season in Silesia. You’ll find many places to swim, sunbathe, or enjoy water sports.
Here are our 11 recommendations.

Hubertus Swimming Spot

Hubertus is actually a group of several ponds between the cities of Katowice, Sosnowiec, and Mysłowice. In the last place, Mysłowice, there is a body of water called Hubertus 3 – and a swimming beach.

  • ul. Szabelnia, Mysłowice

Access from Katowice:

less than 12 km from the center so we recommend taking tram line 15 to the Szopienice Stawiki stop and then a 15-minute walk along the pond

Park Słupna

Another swim area in Mysłowice where you’ll find a sandy beach and recreation center.

  • ul. Stadionowa, Mysłowice

Access from Katowice:

less than 15 km it’s fastest to go by car, but public transport will also take you there: take tram line 14 to the Mysłowice Dworzec PKP stop, and then it’s a 20-minute walk

Wake Zone Stawiki

It’s both a swimming spot and a wakeboard station. The complex offers many different other activities throughout the summer.

  • ul. Sobieskiego, Sosnowiec

Access from Katowice:

only 10 km from Katowice center we recommend taking ram line 15 to Sosnowiec Brynica stop and a short walk.

Zalew Sosina

“Sosina” Holiday and Recreation Center is situated in Jaworzno on the western bank of the Sosina water reservoir with a total area of 50 ha.

  • ul. Bukowska Jaworzno


The 30-kilometer distance from Katowice is about a 40-minute drive. By public transport it’s best to take a train or bus to Dworzec PKP Jaworzno-Szczakowa railway station and change for the bus to Szczakowo-Bukowska.

Czechowice Swimmng Area

By the Chechowickie lake in Gliwice, there’s a sandy beach with lifeguards and a dedicated swimming spot for children. The shoreline is almost 145 m long.

  • ul. Ziemięcicka, Gliwice

Access from Katowice:

less than 40 km from Katowice it’s easier to reach by car (about 35 minutes); public transport: take a Koleje Śląskie train to Gliwice, then a bus to the Czechowice Skrzyżowanie stop.,and then it’s a short walk.

Słoneczna Plaża

A swimming spot in Niewiesze, by the Pławniowickie Lake. It offers sailboat rentals, walking/baking trials, and fishing areas.

  • ul. Plażowa, Niewiesze

Access from Katowice:

the distance from Katowice is about 50 km so we recommend taking a car

Swimming spots in Katowice

In summer 2021, there are 3 short-term swimming spots in Katowice. All of them have lifeguards.

  • ul. Lotnisko (Pond no. 4)
  • ul. Morawa (Morawa Pond)

Access from Katowice

it’s best to reach Dolina Trzech Stawów by bike (only 15 minutes from the city center) or take a 40-minute walk; you’ll get to Morawa pond by tram lines 15 and 20, Szopienice Kościół stop


Well-known recreation place by the Paprocany Lake in Tychy. There’s a beach with lifeguards, watersport rentals, proximity to forest and bike routes.

  • ul. Parkowa, Tychy

Access from Katowice

approx. 30 minutes by car, Silesian Railways approx. 28 minutes to Tychy Lodowisko station, then a bus to Jezioro Paprocańskie bus stop

Biała Przemsza gorge

The Biała Przemsza river, appears mainly as a place created for leisure activity, for example canoeing: there’s a 64-kilometer-long watercourse, but the most popular is the gorge of the Biała Przemsza in Dąbrowa Górnicza – Okradzionów.

  • ul. Olkuska, Sławków


To Sławków, where most of the rafting starts, about a 30 minute drive by car from the center of Katowice.

Pogoria swimming spots

Pogoria is a complex of four water reservoirs formed in Dąbrowa Górnicza. The most popular swimming spot and beach are in Pogoria III.

  • ul. Siewierska, Dąbrowa Górnicza

Access from Katowice:

Car approx. 30 min., Silesian Railways approx. 25 min to Dąbrowa Górnicza-Gołonóg station, then a 25 minute walk above Pogoria III. From Dąbrowa Górnicza bus lines 116 and 644.

Gródek Quarry

Known as Little Croatia, this place is a picturesque spot perfect for walking. The wooden footbridges, the pier, the gazebo, and the vantage points are pleasant places to relax.

  • ul. Płetwonurków, Jaworzno

Access from Katowice:

Car approx. 30 min, Polish railways approx. 30 min. Get off at Jaworzno Szczakowa station and get on 314 bus, after 5 minutes get off at the stop at the Pieska Dive center, and it takes just 15 minutes to get to the quarry on foot.

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